Baptisms take place at St Peter’s Church most Sundays at 12noon but can take place during the 10.00 am Parish Communion service. To arrange a baptism you can call into the Parish Office between 6 and 7pm on a Thursday evening where the ladies will tell you the availability of dates and make a provisional booking. You will then be given a leaflet to take away and read to be sure you want to have your child baptised. There is an option for the Thanksgiving for the birth of a child instead which does not require the same commitment of parents and godparents to encourage their children in the Christian faith.

Once you have decided which service you want then you are invited to return the form during any church service. To help you understand what it is you are doing at baptism you will be given a date for a preparation evening, usually in the preceding month to your chosen date. Parents are expected to attend and godparents are very welcome too.

A common question associated with baptism is about godparents; who can be a godparent and who is a suitable person. People have lots of reasons for choosing a particular person to be godparent to their child but usually it is a relative or close friend who can be trusted to have the interests of the child at heart. They have to have been baptised (christened) themselves, which may be in the Roman Catholic Church,  Methodist Church or other Christian church which is perfectly OK. Godparents have to be prepared to stand alongside you and with you, promise to bring the child up to know the Christian faith and to encourage them in that faith. 

Traditionally boys have two godfathers and one godmother and girls have two godmothers and one godfather.

If you have any questions about baptism please ask at the Parish Office.  

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