Pram Service Group


A short service in the Upper Room for Maundy Thursday

PRAM SERVICE has been a part of St. Peter's for around 30 years now! 
Some of our current mums actually came to church on a Thursday morning as babies and toddlers!! Supported and run by members of the Mothers' Union and church members [all volunteers] we know that many families welcome this time during the week to get together, to listen to the stories of Jesus, to sing, pray and play together. A place to perhaps make new friends, keep in touch with old friends; maybe you have a problem or a worry and would welcome someone to talk to;


We look forward to seeing you on a Thursday 10am or at any of the other services at church. Pop in any lunchtime for a coffee and a look at the notice boards!  We ask for nothing more than your company, 50p a week towards costs and a packet of biscuits a term!!

 Our facebook page is, ‘Pram Service at St. Peter’s’ which is a closed group. This is our new Forum for sharing news, events and opportunities for mums, dads, and carers with family commitments who have links with St. Peter's church, Redcar.
toddle 3 2015Ready to Toddle

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Nearly  there