Men's Group


MalcolmContact: Malcolm Steele



In dribs and drabs the men began to arrive at the Stray Café with taste buds singing in anticipation of the breakfast to come. Shock! Horror! The Café was closed as problems had occurred. Grown men do not cry but there were misty eyes about as we set off for the banks of the River Esk and the arena where would be held this annual feast of sporting excellence.

Strange as it may seem, we managed to purchase and consume bacon sandwiches whilst sitting on the bank of the river and listening to the‘choo– choo’ trains passing by on the other side.

Sufficiently replete, the contest began across the velvet lawns of Perry’s Water Gardens putting course, with furious competition and many changes of leadership (and recounting of scores!) until the writer was declared the winner of the prestigious trophy.

“Who has the trophy?” was the cry. “I have it” said Tommy, producing a golden trophy proudly engraved “Lawn Bowls Champion”.

“Never mind”, said one and all, “a trophy is a trophy!”

After a madcap game of croquet , we set off for The Chainbridge Tea Gardens, where we dined in idyllic surroundings by the banks of the river, with ducks scurrying around our feet in the forlorn hope that one of us would drop a tasty morsel.

After our repast, we climbed aboard the miniature railway which ran through the grounds carrying us along kicking and giggling like overgrown schoolboys, although those schooldays are long since gone.

When all was done we returned home to the loving bosoms of our families.


Jim Veitch