Contact: Mrs Dorothy Falconer (484396)


First and third Wednesday of each month in the Zetland Rooms at 7.30pm 

If you would like to join us please contact me.

St. Peter’s Young Wives Fellowship was the origin of our present group when we were formed in 1963 – but we all grew up so we changed our name !! In June this year we will be having a Reunion to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Our Ecumenical fellowship, currently 88 members consists of Roman Catholics, Methodists and our own C of E ladies in fact any Ladies who perhaps have no affiliation to a particular Ministry. 

We offer a varied programme of talks, theatre outings, treasure hunts, visits to places of interest as well as a Christmas dinner and concert.

We support numerous charities, prepare Christmas boxes for the children of Eastern Europe and our Forces abroad. We knit a selection of items including Trauma Teddies for the emergency services, hats for our forces in Afghanistan, and premature baby clothes for the local hospitals and Women’s Refuge Centre. We collect pennies at each meeting which accrue to support the Church and Flower Guild. We provide a cake stall at both Summer and Christmas Church Fairs and support any events that our other Christian Organisations are holding. We currently sponsor a young girl in the Goodwill Children’s Village in India.