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Mrs Chris Harvey

Tel. 07779 600418 


The Churchwardens are the senior lay representatives of the parish. Their roles are varied but generally involve management, maintenance and mission. They are foremost in representing the church members and in co-operating with the clergy. In co-operation with the clergy they are generally responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the parish


Mrs.Daphne Wood

Tel. 07715 324098


The Organist

Francis Jowsey

organist and choirmaster

Tel No.01642 461121 

The Verger
Sue Steele
2 Dene Grove

Tel. 01642 473706
Sue is also a member of the choir

The Verger

The verger is the person who ensures that everything is in place for the church services.
The times when people are particularly aware of the verger is at weddings and funerals when they are often the first person to greet the congregation.
The verger will hand out service sheets and hymn books and generally welcome people to the church.

Garry Hagen - assistant verger

The P.C.C

The Parochial Church Council is the main decision making body of the church and is made up of the clergy, churchwardens and other elected members. 

It's responsibility, along with the Vicar is to promote the mission of God in its parish.

The PCC is responsibe for the care and maintenance of all the church buildings and their contents. Although these responsibilities are executed by the churchwardens, all PCC share in the oversight. It has a voice in the form of Service used by the church and as the church is a charity every member is also a charity trustee. The PCC is also responsible for the finances of the parish.

Rev’d Andrew Greiff, Mrs Daphne Wood, Mrs Christine Harvey, Mr Ian Westcough, Mrs Suzanne Graham, Mr Chris Bowers,

Mr Steve Graham, Mrs Anne Hagen, Miss Lucy Todd,  Mr George Lupton, Mrs Carole Seymour, Mr Malcolm Steel,

Mrs Susan Steele, Mr Brian Harvey, Mr Oliver Craig, Mrs Sandra Veitch, Mr Gary Hagen, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Mrs Janet Fox                             

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