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Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Church in Redcar.  We hope that you will discover all you need to know from the information here but the best way to get to know a church is by visiting. Whether you choose to pop in one lunchtime for a time of quiet and to light a candle; or if you would like to come along to one of the services, please be assured that there will be a warm welcome awaiting you.

I believe that as Christians we need lots of opportunity to join together to worship God, explore the bible and learn about our faith whilst sharing in social activities, providing a place to build relationships and friendships. This is what church is for and throughout a year St Peter’s offers all of those opportunities.

We also take very seriously our commitment to care for the community and the wider world. Locally we support the Churches Together Foodbank and there are regular events to raise money for charity.

 You are welcome to come along at any time.







Vicar’s Letter

On the 6th August the church keeps the feast of the Transfiguration, in other words it remembers the account in the bible of when Jesus was ‘transfigured’ in front of some of his disciples. The ‘transfiguration’ holds importance because it is seen as a pivotal point in Christian teaching, the point where Jesus is seen as the meeting point between heaven and earth. Jesus chose just three of his disciples, Peter, James and John to go up a mountain with him and it was during that quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, that the disciples witnessed the physical change in their Lord as Jesus glowed brightly and was then joined by Moses and Elijah. A very real and visual message to the disciples that Jesus was indeed the Son of God. And then there was the voice from the cloud, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” The disciples would still not entirely understand about the earthly ministry of Jesus but they now knew without doubt who Jesus was, the Son of God. (You can read the whole account of the transfiguration in Matthew 17 verses 1-13)

For the three disciples this must have been one of those moments of encounter with the spiritual that would change them for ever. They would still live and work as usual, they would still misunderstand and make mistakes, but they would carry that encounter within themselves as a point of reference, perhaps thinking of their lives as before the mountain top experience and after it, a bit like before AD and after AD. I wonder if you have such reference points in your life?  Maybe before the birth of your child or after the birth; before you moved to Redcar or since you moved here; before you were married or since you have been married. There are many such moments, such milestones that act as a compass for our lives, but what about spiritual milestones, do you have any of those? Before I became a Christian and after, before I was confirmed or after. We can read of the experiences of others but sometimes it is more difficult to recognise or own special times of encounter with God when earth and heaven seem closer than normal.

 Perhaps the clue comes from the account of Jesus’ transfiguration. He physically went to a quiet place, a mountain top and allowed himself to be in a place where encounter could happen. He removed himself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it was then that he connected with God in a very special way. Maybe that is the lesson for us, to create space in our life to allow encounter with God to happen. It might be up a mountain but for those of us who couldn’t even make Roseberry Topping without a struggle perhaps somewhere easier should be found. That place might be in our own garden, front room or in church. People often come to church during the week to just sit, read their bible and pray, allowing the peace of the environment to wash over them as they listen for God.

 Each person will have different spiritual experiences and at different times but I believe that everyone will encounter God if they simply allow time and space.

 Your friend and vicar