Men's Group



 Malcolm Steele




There took place in St Peter’s Church on a Sunday morning the presentation of the magnificent trophy awarded to the winner of the prestigious Winter Golf Tournament held at the “Holey Molies” course at Skelton. Or should I say “Winners” as the prize was shared by Brian, he of the elegant effortless style, and Malcolm, possessor of a hard-swinging aggressive game, after a hard fought contest. The ceremony was much appreciated by the participants and by the congregation enjoying the good fellowship of the occasion.

Seriously, a good day was had at the indoor golf course by that bunch of mainly sexagenarian and septuagenarian blokes forming the Men’s Group, otherwise known as the Halt, the Lame and the Infirm (of which I am a member). Featuring possibly the country’s longest indoor golf hole, the course is set up with many intricate and amusing holes (some of which were almost as amusing as our attempts to play them!).

Fortunately, we decided to impose a limit of 10 shots on any hole which was just as well, or we could have been there for days! After a hard morning on the course we were obliged to retire to the 19th hole where we took on board some food and refreshment to fortify the inner man before wending our weary way home.


Jim Veitch